Non-Drip™ Feeding Nipples

  • with Vari-Flo® valve
Introducing the first and only wide neck Non-Drip™ Nipple uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills! The Nûby™ Non-Drip™ Feeding Nipple features a built-in pressure sensitive valve which only allows fluid to pass through when baby is feeding. As soon as baby stops, this special valve closes, ensuring a leak resistant bottle. In addition, the Non-Drip™ feeding Nipple features anti-colic vents along the base which help prevent a vacuum from forming in the bottle. This reduces the amount of air the baby ingests, and thus, reduces gas and the chances of colic. It also features soft nubs on the surface of the nipple which help soothe baby's tender gums during teething. Like all Nûby™ nipples, the Non-Drip™ Feeding Nipples are soft and natural in shape which helps to ease the transition form breast to bottle feeding. * Fits all Nûby™ wide neck bottles.