Natural Touch™ Starter Kit

  • Perfect for new moms!
The Natural Touch™ Starter Kit is perfect for new moms. It includes two 5oz/150ml SoftFlex™ Silicone Nursers™, two 8oz / 240ml SoftFlex™ Natural Nursers™, two SoftFlex™ Breast Size Nipples, one SoftFlex™ Cherry Pacifier and one Bottle and Nipple Brush. **SoftFlex™ Silicone Nursers™:** The SoftFlex™ Silicone Nurser™ features a revolutionary new soft air™ silicone base. Made from 100% BPA free silicone, the soft air™ silicone base allows the parent to assist with feeding by giving the bottle a gentle squeeze. **SoftFlex™ Natural Nursers™:** When your baby is comfortable with feeding and requires more liquid, it's time to move on to the SoftFlex™ Natural Nurser™. It's features the same nipple as the Silicone Nursers, but features a larger plastic base that is also BPA Free. **Breast Size Nipples:** The new Breast Size Nipples are designed to make breast-feeding and bottle feeding work better together. They feature a soft natural shape that gently flexes and elongates, allowing the baby to easily position the nipple at the correct angle for feeding. In addition, the Breast Size Nipples also feature valves in the base of the nipple which help prevent colic, and soft nubs on the nipple’s surface to massage and soothe sore gums. **Softflex™ Cherry Pacifier:** The Natural Touch™ SoftFlex™ Pacifier features a cherry shaped baglet that flexes, stretches and moves like a mother’s nipple. The SoftFlex™ Pacifier also features teething nubs around the base of the baglet, which massage and soothe sore gums. **Bottle and Nipple Brush:** The Bottle and Nipple Brush is comfortable to hold, has a long handle perfect for bottles and cups, and features a convenient nipple brush that easily snaps in and out of the vented handle. NT67424