Natural Flex™ Pacifiers

Natural Flex™ Pacifiers

Classic Oval Nipple with Patented Nubs BPA Free

Natural Flex™ pacifiers have been specially designed to flex, stretch and move like a mother’s breast. The natural sucking action of a baby is promoted with the flex and movement of the nipple, while the patented nubs gently massage the gums. Discreet and stylish and made to the highest quality standards, the Natural Flex™ pacifiers come with a cherry shaped nipple.

Available in two sizes:
0-6 Months and 6+ Months

Features at a Glance Teething Nubs
Teething Nubs
Massage and stimulate gums
Natural Flexing Action
Natural Flexing Action
Imitates the motion of mother’s nipple for feeding
Hygienic Air System
Hygienic Air System
Reduces skin irritation