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Medium Flow Silicone Nipples

0+ Months
Standard Neck
BPA Free

The Medium Flow Nûby™ Silicone Nipple features a medium valve opening that is prefect for milk. It's made of soft silicone and features a natural shape which feels more like a mother's breast. This natural shape and feel promotes healthy, active feeding, and makes the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding easier. In addition, the Medium Flow Nûby™ Silicone Nipple features anti-colic vents along the base which help prevent a vacuum from forming in the bottle. This reduces the amount of air the baby ingests, and thus, reduces gas and the chances of colic.

  • Fits all Nûby™ standard neck bottles.

Features at a Glance

Anti-Colic Air System
Anti-Colic Air System
Prevents ingestion of air by baby
Medium Flow
Medium Flow
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