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No-Spill™ Convert-a-cup

6+ Months
8oz / 240ml
BPA Free

Your little one will find the transitions through various cup stages easier with this 4-in-1 Convert-a-cup by Nûby™! The first step includes use of handles with our soft, silicone No-Spill™ Spout. For your additional convenience, the spout and lid are all one piece! Once your child is ready, the handles can be easily removed- or re-attached when needed. Finally, the one piece spout and lid can be removed when your child is ready for open cup drinking. Since this cup was designed specially for this, it does not have the screw ring grooves, making it ideal for your child to drink from easier! The contoured shape of the cup, with or without handles, makes it easier for you child's small hands to hold.

Colors may vary

Features at a Glance

No-Spill™ Design
No-Spill™ Design
Prevents spills and reduces leaks
Built-in Valve
Built-in Valve
Eliminates extra pieces to wash
Easy Grip Design
Easy Grip Design
Makes it easier for a child to hold
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