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Squeeze Feeder Set

0+ Months
3oz / 90ml
BPA Free

The Squeeze Feeder Set is the perfect solution for feeding anywhere. It includes multiple attachments which allow the Squeeze Feeder to adapt to your baby's needs as your baby grows.

Feeding Nipple: 0+m Start NEWBORNS with breast milk or formula using the Squeeze Feeder™ with feeding nipple.

Soft Sipper Spout: 3+m Start WEANING using the Soft Sipper Spout for thick liquids, juice & water.

Feeder Spoon: 6+m When baby is ready for more SOLID FOODS, begin feeding with the Squeeze Feeder™ spoon. Simply fill the feeder with the desired amount of baby food or cereal and give the soft silicone feeder a gentle squeeze! The baby food is allowed to pass through a hole in the spoon’s neck and into the bowl of the spoon. Nûby’s Squeeze Feeder™ is also great for milk and formula. Feeding time has never been so easy!