Bottle Feeding

Making a Feed

It is very important to make up your baby's formula feed accurately according to the maufacturers instructions. If too much of the powder is added, the feed will be too concentrated and this can make your baby ill. If this is too weak, your baby will not get enough nourishment. So measure the water and the powder very carefully.

Quick step instructions to making a feed

Step 1 – wash and dry your hands

Step 2 – ensure all equipment (bottles, caps, teats and discs) have been sterilised

Step 3 - pour in the required amount of boiled water into the bottle, check the measurement on the milk packet.

Step 4 - check on the packet the recommended number of scoops of powder.

Step 5 – always use the scoop provided as it measures just the right amount of powder.

Step 6 – measure the powder and level off the scoop using a clean knife to the leveller provided.

Step 7 – place teat on top of the bottle, screw on the ring and cover the teat with the cap

Step 8 – shake to disperse the powder

Once mixed, allow the feed to cool until it reaches body temperature – pour a small amount onto the inside of your wrist to check it's not too hot.

Don't make up several bottles at once. New guidelines advise making up a bottle as and when you need it to avoid the risk of infection. Never leave a feed standing around at room temperature or reheat it. Milk is likely to go off and give your baby an upset tummy. Never mix feeds with bottled water as the balance of sodium (salt) will be wrong.