Bottle Feeding

Giving a Feed

Always test the temperature of the milk before feeding to your baby. Shake a few drops of milk onto the inside of your wrist. The milk should feel just warm. If too hot, cool by running the bottle under cold running water with the cap covering the nipple.

Sit comforatably with your baby on your lap. Maintain eye contact and enjoy being close with your baby.

Hold the bottle firmly as your baby feeds and tilt the bottle so the hole in the nipple is always full of milk and not air. If the nipple collapses, move it gently around his mouth to let the air back into the bottle.

Newborn babies cannot cope with large amounts of milk at once and will require small, frequent feeds. As your babies digestive system matures and grows, they will be able to take more milk at each feed and have fewer feeds. Let your baby set the pace.