Comfort™ Breast Pump
Comfort™ Breast Pump
Comfort™ Breast Pump
Comfort™ Breast Pump

Comfort™ Breast Pump

0+ Months BPA Free

Overview: At Nûby™ we recognise that expressing can be difficult and sometimes uncomfortable. That’s why we have taken the most traditional and most proven method for expressing and made it even better! The Comfort Breast Pump Set integrates new technologies with proven design principles to bring you a more efficient and more comfortable experience. Not only that - but it looks great too.

*Set includes: Comfort Breast Pump with straight neck silicone horn, hygienic travel cover and standing cradle. 8oz / 240ml Natural Nurser™ with Breast Sized Silicone nipple, screw ring and hood. 5oz / 150ml Natural Nurser™ Silicone storage lid 4 Disposable Breast Pads.

Breast Pump: Soft Silicone Horn Liner: It features a soft silicone liner which lines the inside of the horn. This liner feels soft, natural, and allows the horn to create a better suction so that you can express your milk more easily.

Adjustable vari-suction valve: Allows you to adjust the suction pressure of the pump to fit your individual comfort.

Fits All Natural Touch™ Bottles and Cups: The Nûby™ Comfort™ Breast Pump provides more flexibility and convenience. You can express, store, and feed using any Nûby™ Natural Touch™ bottle or cup! This allows you to give your baby the benefits of breast milk and continue breast feeding even longer.

Bottle: Nothing is better for your newborn than a Natural Touch™. The SoftFlex™ Natural Nurser is designed to make breastfeeding and bottle feeding work better together. It features the new Nûby™ Breast Size Nipple which closely mimics the natural shape, feel, and function of a mother’s breast helping to ease the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Superior anti-colic valves in the base of the nipple help prevent colic, and soft nubs on the surface massage baby’s gums. Additionally, this bottle is made from a high grade of Poly Propelene material which is 100% Bisphenol A FREE and is fully interchangeable with the SoftFlex™ Silicone system.

Breast Pads: Nûby's disposable nursing pads are designed for super absorbency, reliability and because of our special contour design, superior comfort. They feature multiple layers of protection and are individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience.

• Super absorbent polymer layer draws excess milk away for extra comfort.

• Moisture proof outer layer of pad prevents leakage on clothes.

• Super soft cotton lining designed to protect nipple and keep breast dry.

• Adhesive tab stops pad slipping in bra.