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Compact Sterilizer Kit with SoftFlex™ Natural Nursers™

Incl. 2 x 330ml Natural Nursers STEP 2
BPA Free

The Compact Sterilizer Kit is the perfect solution for home or travel. The set includes two 10oz / 300ml SoftFlex™ Natural Nursers™ and a compact microwave sterilizer.

Bottles: The SoftFlex™ Natural Nursers™ feature the new Nûby™ Breast Size Nipple which closely mimics the natural shape, feel, and function of a mother’s breast. Superior anti-colic valves in the base of the nipple help prevent colic, and soft nubs on the surface massage baby’s gums. Additionally, these bottles are made from a high grade of Poly Propelene material which is 100% Bisphenol A FREE and is fully interchangeable with the SoftFlex™ Silicone System.

Sterilizer: The Compact Sterilizer is perfectly sized to safely sterilize two SoftFlex™ Natural Nursers™ or one Nûby™ SoftFlex™ Manual Breast Pump. It's perfect for home use, but small enough to easily pack in a travel bag!