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Nipple Protectors with Carrying Case

Protect sore or cracked nipples during breast feeding.
BPA Free

Nûby™ is making breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. The Nûby™ Nipple Protectors are designed to help protect sore or cracked nipples and minimize pain during breast feeding. They are made of soft silicone which provides a safe barrier that protects the nipple, but is thin enough to maintain a natural feel for both mom and baby.

Why you may need a Nipple Protector: Overactive Let-Down: Babies sometimes choke and pull off the breast due to overactive let-down. The Nipple Protector reduces milk flow for babies, allowing the baby to learn the proper sucking and swallowing techniques.

Latch-on Problems: In early weeks, some babies have trouble latching on. The Nipple Protector can act as an in-between stage until the child learns the proper way to nurse.

Inverted/Flat Nipple: Babies can have latch-on problems with flat or inverted nipples. The Nipple Protector gives the child more to latch on to until the nipple is drawn out, and normal feeding can occur.

Comes with convenient carrying case