Weaning From The Bottle

How To Start

Babies may take time to learn to eat new foods. Your baby will be finding out about different tastes and textures and learning that food does not come in a continuous flow. BE PATIENT, let your baby touch the food, bowl or spoon if they want to and get ready for some mess!

Start by offering just a few teaspoons of mashed vegetables, fruit or cereal mixed with milk after a milk feed or in the middle of one. Use a little of your baby's usual milk to mix food to the required consistency.

NEVER FORCE FEED YOUR BABY. Wait for your baby to open its mouth. If your baby doesn't seem to want it, leave it and try again later.

First Foods

  • Cereals such as baby rice mixed with milk
  • Mashed cooked vegetables such as parsnip, potato, yam, sweet potato or carrot.
  • Mashed banana, avocado, cooked apple or pear.
  • Pieces of fruit or vegetables small enough for your baby to pick up.
  • Mashed up family food when possible, its best to give your baby foods cooked by you and your baby will get used to eating what you eat.

More foods to try

Once your baby is used to eating vegetables and fruit you could offer

  • Pureed or mashed up meat and fish
  • Mashed rice, noodles or pasta
  • Lentils or pulses
  • Full fat dairy products such as yoghurt or custard. Always choose low sugar varieties.

Finger foods

Encourage your baby to chew, even if they don't have teeth. Some babies prefer foods they can hold for example cooled green beans or carrot sticks, cubes of cheese, toast, bread, peeled apple and banana. Finger foods provide chewing practice and encourage babies to feed themselves.

Babies can choke on foods so be careful with raw carrot sticks or large pieces of apple or small round foods like grapes and cherry tomatoes. Also be careful with foods with a skin such as sausages or fish with bones.