Soothing and Teething

General Information
Soothing and Teething

Mom's tips for using pacifiers and soothers

  • It is natural for your baby to suck, so this is why they like pacifiers.
  • Sucking can help calm and comfort your baby if a cuddle is not enough and many parents decide to give their babies pacifiers.
  • Once you find a pacifier that your baby is happy with, you will probably find they will want to keep with this design and reject others.
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, you should change your baby's pacifier every four weeks.
  • Always make sure the pacifiers are clean before you give to your baby
  • Always inspect the pacifier before you give it to your baby, and replace if it is worn or torn in any way.
  • Never dip the pacifier into sweet substances because it will damage their teeth.
  • Never attach ribbons or cords to your soother.
  • It's a good idea to keep a couple of spare pacifiers close by so always have a sterile one available to sooth your baby quickly.

Moving them off the pacifier or soother

  • Slowly does it. Slowly reduce the amount of time your baby uses the pacifier, this will help to move them off gradually with minimum upset.
  • Other Soothing techniques. Distract your baby with a fun activity or toy. When they are upset soothe them with cuddles and music often works.
  • Trade it in. For older children who understand trade the pacifier for a new toy. Take them to store and make it an adventure.
  • Time to grow up. Surround your child with friends that don't have a pacifier, but don't make fun of them this could distress them more. Try to explain that the other children are growing up like adults and your child should try it too.

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