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Super Sipper Beaker Replacement Spout™

Super Sipper Beaker Replacement Spout™

6+ Months BPA Free

These replacement spouts will fit most Nûby™ Super Straw™ and Super Spout™ cups that have a standard sized top. They are designed to make the transition from nipple to spout drinking easier. Like many of our silicone nipples, the Super Spout™ replacements feature a No-Spill™ Touch-Flo™ valve that opens instantly with a small amount of pressure, making it easy and simple to drink from. When the pressure is released, the spout closes ensuring a leak resistant cup. This unique valve originated on Nûby™ cups and is endorsed by pediatric dentists all over the world because it encourages natural drinking and oral development. And since it's from Nûby™, you can be assured that it is BPA Free!

Fits most Nûby™ Super Sipper Flexi Straw and Super Sipper Beaker

Features at a Glance No-Spill™ Design
No-Spill™ Design
No Leaks, No Spills, No Mess!
Built-in Valve
Built-in Valve
Eliminates extra pieces to wash