Cups and Spouts

Replacement dual-flo™ Valves

Replacement dual-flo™ Valves

9+ Months BPA Free

The No-Spill™ dual-flo™ replacement valves can be easily inserted in the cap. The valve system is engineered for a slow (turtle side) or fast (rabbit side) flow, depending on what your child is ready for. Jut decide on the flow better suited for your child, and before securing the lid on the cup make sure the appropriate one is set. Liquids pass through the spout only when your child sips!

Features at a Glance No-Spill™ Design
No-Spill™ Design
Prevents spills and reduces leaks
Dual-flo™ Valve
Dual-flo™ Valve
Provides fast to slow liquid’s flow rates