Weaning From The Bottle

General Information
Weaning From The Bottle
  • Most professional organizations recommend you start weaning your baby around 6 months
  • Start with bland foods and make them almost as liquid as milk
  • Baby rice, pureed vegetables and pureed fruit are the most popular to start with.
  • Give your baby one taste at a time, that way you will know which he or she prefers and can detect any adverse reactions.
  • When you puree food you can puree a week's worth all at once. Buy an ice cube tray and freeze the food, take out a cube at each feed, making up larger amounts as baby's appetite grows.
  • Try to organise mealtimes for the same time each day – your baby will know what to expect and be more likely to be happy to eat their meals.
  • Offer your baby healthy foods that you and your family usually eat – mashed into small manageable lumps.
  • AVOID eggs, salt, sugar, nuts and honey.
  • Boiled then cooled tap water is the best alternative drink to breast or formula milk
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and cow's milk until they are over 12 months.
  • Buy bigger bibs – feeding just got a lot messier.
  • A splash mat or floor mat is always a good idea to keep your floor clean.
  • Travel products such as cutlery cases and storage pots are handy for when you are out and about.