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Rhythm™ Disposable Liner Bottle

0+ Months
6oz / 180ml
BPA Free

The Nûby™ Rhythm™ Disposable Liner System has been specially designed to be convenient for mum and is the one and only breast size bottle-feeding system that provides the closest experience to breastfeeding for your baby. Simply drop a pre-sterilised liner into the bottle, fill with breast milk, formula, juice or water then feed. After feeding, throw the liner away.

The collapsing action of the Rhythm™ Disposable Liner combined with the gentle flexing and stretching of the Natural Touch™ nipple closely mimics the natural feeding experience of a mother’s breast. This combination has been clinically shown to reduce the ingestion of air by your baby, which is associated with colic.

The bottle features fun colorful prints around the entire bottle! Each bottle has the ounces/milliliters scales printed on it.

Prints and colors may vary